Thursday, September 07, 2006

Childrens Wisdom 9

Children’s Wisdom - Learning To Pray Early In Life From A Puzzled Mother
I taught my children to pray when they were very little. I showed them how to fold their hands in the praying hands position under their chin. We prayed regularly before going to bed and at mealtime, but one of my three children prayed more often than this. I would see Roddy in the praying hands position when he was playing. He really surprised me when he prayed as I was punishing him. I used a switch to sting their little legs when they misbehaved. I found that all I needed to do to get them to behave: “Do you want a switching?” Most of the time they reacted quickly and did what I asked them to do. This did not always work with Roddy. When he was deeply involved in something, he moved very slowly. I had to use the switch more often to get him to do things I wanted. When I got ready to use the switch on him, he would go into the praying hands position. As I switched his little legs, he began to cry as he prayed: “Jesus, Jesus.” When it was over, he would pray in great relief : ”Thank you, Jesus.” At first I thought he was playing a game with me to try to get me to stop. He would not struggle or yell as the other children did. He would just stand there praying while he was being switched. This was so unusual it set me to thinking. I decided that he was really praying and knowing how the Master loved little children, his prayer was being answered. Jesus did help him take his punishment I think Jesus was also trying to tell me something. My conscience hurt, and I also began some new methods of dealing with his misbehavior. I talked to Roddy more and tried to use persuasion. Often I had to get down on my knees eye to eye to get him to listen. It took longer than the switch technique, but I really learned the meaning of patience I waited so his little mind would operate. I was able to get him to dinner, to the bath and to bed. I had to try prayer on him when I was trying to get him to go to the doctor. I got down in front of him in the prayer position and prayed “Jesus, help Roddy be brave and go to the doctor.” I walked away and it was not long before I heard : “ Mama, I’ m ready.” In some other difficult situations I let him do the praying. I would give him the words and he would use them.


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