Thursday, September 07, 2006

Childrens Wisdom 8

Children’s Wisdom - My Little Scientist From An Astonished Mother
To this mother Donna is an unusual little girl. She is a real observer of everything around her. She is full of questions which Mama has to try to answer. The retired couple living next door Donna calls Brown and Papa. She talks to Mrs. Brown quite a lot Brown has white hair and Donna wanted to know why. Donna picks her out at church by her hair. Papa is bald and she wants to know why. I try to explain as clearly as I can. Her questions are very serious. Papa has a very deep Santa Claus like laugh. It’s amusing to see her imitate him. My mother who also has white hair visited us last week. Donna told Brown very excitedly: “Grandma can take out her teeth.” I wonder how Brown explained this. As you see my little scientist doesn’t miss a thing. Most children get restless in church but not Donna. She watches everything. I saw her imitating one of the choir members who sings solos. He sang “The King Is Exalted” Her song was “The King Is Exhausted.” She performs at intervals with her hands like the Choir Director. Her Daddy is the preacher. She imitates him by waving her hands and shaking her head. Once a week he goes to Pittsburgh for a course at the Seminary there. I heard Donna tell Brown: “Daddy has gone to the Sermonary.” We took the children to see the Falls near our town. They didn’t say much at the time, but Donna told Brown: “We saw a great big water hanging down.” She ran into a spider web that stuck to her face. She calls the webs Dusties. I taught her how to get the webs with a folded paper. I’ve got the best little house cleaner. When we took a vacation to Florida, she called the Spanish Moss Dusties and kept her distance. When we read a story or look at a picture book, the questions seem to have no end. When she asked “Where did I come from?” She had to have the whole story one step at a time. I tried to explain to her about Lightening being like the electric lights. “Where are the wires?” she asked. When she was taking a bath I swished my hand through the water as it came back with a sound. That’s what the lightening does to the clouds. They come back together with a clap as I clapped my hands. I saw her explaining this to Brown. My little scientist does not miss a thing.


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