Thursday, September 07, 2006

Childrens Wisdom 7

Children’s Wisdom - A Cool Coverup From A Grandpa
We took our grandchildren, eight and ten years old, to Disney World when they came to visit us. In the beginning Grandma took the ten year old girl and I took the boy. Naturally he wanted to do Space Mountain, the roller coaster in the dark. It was very scary and not recommended for people over 50. Billy was very tough-minded and boastful in his persuasion: “Grandpa, don’t be chicken. It’s a lot of fun.” I explained to him about old people and their hearts. I got an older boy to go with him. When they came back after the ride, there was a very obvious circular wet place on the front of his pants. His big Buddy was quick to make fun of him: “It scared the PEE out of him”. In order to bring a smile back on his face Grandpa said quickly: “He had a great time. He just got too excited.” Billy simply could not live with this embarrassment. He went over to the water fountain and sprayed water on his shirt and pants. As we walked I tried to tell Billy not to feel bad about himself that this was so normal When we reached his sister: “How did you get so wet? " Billy was quick to answer “Grandpa, threw water on me.” It brought a big laugh from Grandpa. This was the end, but Grandpa worried if he had done the right thing. Would it be better that the truth were faced? Billy had engineered a cover-up and lied on his Grandaddy. I forgot about it, but I got my answer eight years later. Billy was a teen now and loved to fish in our Florida lakes. While we were fishing together, it came out: "Grandpa, I thank you for helping me out of a tough situation.” He had remembered the Disney World experience in detail. It had put an unforgettable mark on his mind. He especially appreciated my not telling on him.He told me how much it had hurt to wet his pants. This was last year. It’s too late to do me any good, but I want to pass this lesson on. When people brag and boast, when they bring up excuses and alibis, listen in an understanding way. They are hurting. Like Billy their emotional load is heavy. Let the inner mental processes work. They will learn in their own way. It worked well with Billy.


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