Thursday, September 07, 2006

Childrens Wisdom 12

Children’s Wisdom - Mr. Mischief From A Worn Out Mother
Jimmy could not be considered a bad child, but it seemed that he liked to do things to see me upset. When he discovered that tracking mud and trash into the house got me upset, it seemed to increase in frequency. Even though I made him clean it up, it still continued. One day I got so mad, I bared his bottom and blistered it with my hand. He jumped and cried: “ Mama,that’s not nice.” He was turning my own words back on me. He turned over a glass of milk at the table. I was really upset. This I feel increased in frequency just to tee me off. One day I needed my scissors. I couldn’t find them anywhere. I asked Jimmy: “ He gave such an overconvincing no, I knew he was guilty. A little pyrex pot I used to heat water in the microwave disappeared. I finally found this, but it was cleverly hidden. I only have three bras. When I wanted a clean one, they all were gone. One morning my husband pulled them out of his coat pocket. I tried the Time Out method by making him stay in the bathroom for five minutes. He worried me so by asking every minute if five minutes was up. I increased his time to ten minutes. He was so quiet, I thought I needed to investigate. When I opened the door he had water in the bathtub, enjoying playing with his little boats. One December I put X’s by BAD and GOOD on a piece of paper for Santa to see the record of Jimmy’s behavior. This did improve his behavior some. After he had gone to bed on Xmas eve, I went in to take the paper down. He had made many more Good X’s. After this I decided he was too smart for me. I simply I gave up and quit trying to monitor his behavior. I ignored his efforts to get me upset. What a surprise I received.! His behavior was so much better. He played more with his toys. I consented to let him play with his boats in the bathtub. He didn’t get the floor all wet like he used to. I thanked him for the dry floor. I suddenly caught on. When I didn’t get upset it was no longer any more fun for him. Also when I praised him for his good behaviors, he made a real effort to get nice word attention. I was so grateful I picked him up with a great big hug. Mothers, give this a try.


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