Friday, September 15, 2006

Positive Living 1

Positive Living - Its Benefits
The basic principle of Positive Living is to promote positive feelings in relationships and to keep negative feelings at a minimum. When there is a serious effort to promote positive feelings, it has a beneficial effect on both the giver and the receiver. Being positive calls upon a special section of the nervous system. In experiments people have been wired to instruments which measure heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, and other measures of body functioning. The person is given such tasks as talking about enjoyable experiences, petting a dog, or hugging a child. In these situations. The operation of all the bodily processes is smooth and regular. This is a health benefit for everyone. In a positive atmosphere children will behave better and cooperate more. Parents who try to practice positive living will find that their parenting tasks will be easier and the end result more enjoyable In the workplace relationships will greatly improve. Efforts to accomplish difficult tasks will increase. Mistakes will be reduced. Work will be more orderly and efficient. More tasks will be accomplished. Social interchanges will be warm and friendly. Enjoyment of the day’s activities will increase. Fatigue will actually be reduced. Life in general will be more pleasant. When people suffer negative emotions heart rate increases and the beat is more erratic. Blood pressure elevates. Other bodily functions like elimination, digestion, relaxing, and sleeping suffer. When positive feelings are promoted, the stress in daily life is reduced. Health benefits add up and health aggravations will decrease. Positive emotions promote emotional stability. There should be fewer outbursts, less irritability and fewer verbal fights. The workplace and the home should become more friendly and warm. Conflict will be more easily resolved. Many already have discovered the benefits. Practicing the principles of positive living takes time and effort, but the rewards are great. It is well worth the effort. As in any undertaking success in using these principles is a step by step process. All of us will fail many times but will be aware of the mistake that was made. We can back up and get a fresh start. Over a period of years it becomes a habit.


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