Friday, September 15, 2006

Positive Living 2

Positive Living - Emotional Fitness
We want very much to spread positive feelings, but this becomes difficult if we do not reduce our nervous tensions Our own stressful experiences put us in a fighting mood, and curb warm, friendly feelings. We lose our cool much too quickly and say things we did not intend. No matter how much we want to control our words our stress build-up makes it extremely difficult. When emotional outbursts become too frequent, a person knows that nervous tensions have multiplied. Stress prepares the bloodstream to be filled with chemicals which make us ready for “fight or flight”. Blood sugar is elevated and two hormones from the adrenal gland speed up the operation of the nervous system. Our nervous tensions grow in quantity and intensity. One beneficial stress reducer is regular exercise. A thirty to forty minute walk is sufficient for normal stress. When we have had an extremely bad day, a longer walk is needed. When the muscles are used in a constructive way, the excess blood sugar is burned for energy and the chemicals make a more rapid exit. A second procedure involves diet. We need to reduce our sugar intake because blood sugar is already high. We need to increase consumption of Vitamin B complex and vitamin C. The B vitamins help control the blood sugar level and reduce the build up of choleserol. Stressful experiences use much of our vitamin C to make the adrenal hormones. It must be replenished to remove toxins from the blood. These are the blood cleaners which help to restore our internal environment to normal. B vitamins are found in whole grain cereals, sunflower seed, wheat germ. Vitamin C is abundant in fruit juices. Stress vitamins can be purchased and used as a supplement. Practicing the stress control principles of diet and exercise make us a more agreeable person to express ourselves in a warm, friendly way. Negative feelings are reduced and we can have better control over our outbursts and words.
The pressures of life and work make it difficult at times to emit positive feelings.Keeping emotional fit will make us much more effective.


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