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Fun and Faith for Seniors 6

Oh, What Children Can Say! Blessed are they who never say, "You've told that story twice today."
A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales. The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small.The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale.Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; it was physically impossible.The little girl said, “When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah.”The teacher asked, “What if Jonah went to hell?”The little girl replied, “Then you ask him.”At a church fellowship supper there was a long line of tables for people to go along and serve .. themselves. At the beginning of the tables was a basket of apples. In order to stay some little hands the minister had put up a sign: “Take only one. God is watching.” At the other end of the table was a basket of chocolate chip cookies. In time there was a sign at the cookies. A little boy had written for his friends: "Take all you want. God is watching the apples." Two boys were standing on the roadside with a sign held up for motorists to see. The sign read Slow Down, There’s Trouble Ahead. The first motorist breezed on by with no effort to slow down. When the boys heard a splash, one looked at the other - Should we change our sign to read BRIDGE OUT?

Fun and Faith For Seniors 4

Ten Lessons From Noah’s Ark Blessed are they who dry the tears That come along in the golden years.
ONE - Don’t miss the boat. Storms and floods are ahead. Get aboard and when it departs. God isthe captain. TWO - Remember that we are all in the same boat. There are dark valleys and green pastures for everyone. Joy and sorrow both are grown. THREE - It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark. Build up your faith. The stormy weather will come. FOUR - Stay fit. Do your therapy programs joyfully. You never know at what age God will ask you to do something real big. Noah got his call in his old age. FIVE - Don’t listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done everyday. Noah had help. Use yours gratefully. SIX - For safety and comfort, it is always best to travel through storms in pairs. You need a companion. You can’t do it alone. SEVEN - Speed isn’t always an advantage. The snails were on board along with the cheetahs. Take your time and never rush. You will get there with the speedsters. EIGHT - When you’re stressed out, just float a while. Look up to the sky. Never look down for you will see the fearful waters. NINE - Remember that the Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic by professionals! You can surely keep afloat and you won’t sink when God is your captain. TEN - No matter what storm you face, when God is your companion, there’s always a rainbow waiting for you. Take a good look at that rainbow now. Let it abide in your heart.

Fun And Faith For Seniors 5

The Joy of Socializing Blessed are they with a cheery smile Who always stop and chat a while.
Senior citizens enjoy conversation with their friends. They are eager to hear about your pleasures as well as your frustrations. They try to keep you smiling. They remember your birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days in your life. They like to spread positive feelings. They make personal visits when possible. They use the telephone, and now the Cell Phone makes contact easy. Even with distant friends they use e-Mail. The modern version of the old fastest forms of communication: Telephone Telegraph, and Telewoman is now Fe-mail. In the Biblical story of Mary and Martha, Mary prepared the meal while Martha entertained the guest. There is frequent discussion as to which of the two tasks is more important. The answer, of course, is both. When I was circulating in one of the clubhouses in a Senior residential area, the women were preparing a meal for an evening party. To offer praise and spread some positive feelings I remarked: “I see the Marys are hard at work.” There came a quick reply from one of the Marys: “The Marthas are going to clean up.” There is no doubt that the conversation was plentiful in the cleaning up operation, but to me there seemed to be no shortage of it during the meal preparation. This is one of the joys of life together. There are times to be serious as well. At our Bridge table at the Senior Center we try to limit the talk to the time between hands. It really flows then. We try also to rotate so that different people will have the opportunity to interact. Conversation is very appropriate in our walking group and keeps the necessary exercise from boredom. I remember in the ancient past my little girl was four. The wives were walking ahead where they could talk. The husbands were walking at some distance behind them. In the beginning my little girl was walking with the wives. It was not long before she was sent back to walk with the men. “Daddy”, she said. “They’re talking she-crets.”

The Servant Messiah - 6

The First Disciples - Luke 5:1-10
Messiah knew that he needed disciples close to him who would be eyewitnesses from the very beginning of his mission. They could, see, hear, and learn as he spread the good news. They would have to be with him constantly and such a commitment would not be easy to find. This group must be developed spiritually and such development could not take place by word alone. A profound interaction of personality would be necessary for this gradual transformation. There must be close and regular exchange of views. There must be a deep abiding friendship and admiration. Such an intimate relationship could only be formed in a small group situation where all could participate and contribute.
Messiah would not issue an invitation to all but he would choose a few. He walked by the Sea of Galilee with this in his mind. His eye caught a fishing boat. One of the toilers he had met in the synagogue of Capernaum, accompanyong him home to heal his mother in law. This young married man was a likely prospect and with him his younger brother Andrew. There were two other young men working with their father, James and John. They were practical men of everyday affairs of the world, educated in their understanding of people. They were young men of energy and enthusiasm. They were young men not set in their habits of action and mind. They were dreamers of idealism filled with desire for adventure. They were already close associates who knew each other well.
There was yet a problem. How could these men be influenced to leave their successful livelihood and follow one who was yet unproven. Had not other Messiahs come and gone and left the people destitute and empty? Messiah needed a special unforgettable event. "Cast your nets out into the deep." When the nets were loaded with fish, the four were astounded beyond measure. They were overwhelmed and felt themselves in the presence of deity. "Come and follow me and I will make you fishers of men."
The first disciples were enlisted not from Jerusalem with priests, not from synagogues with scribes, not from the monasteries for Essenes, but Messiah had chosen practical men of the world.

The Servant Messiah - 5

The Great Physician - Luke 4:3137
Messiah departed his home country to continue his work in neighboring Capernaum. A large group gathered in the Synagogue to hear the new prophet. His presentation was interrupted by a sudden outburst from a crazed man in the Congregation. All eyes were cast upon the situation. Messiah spoke and rebuked the demon. The affected man convulsed as the demon left him. The reaction was intense. Not only does the prophet speak with wisdom and truth, not only does he teach with clarity, but his word can banish unclean spirits. One who had authority over demons possessed special power from God.
There was leader of the Synagogue named Simon. He was so impressed by the prophet of Nazareth that he urged him to heal his mother-in-law who lay sick with a high fever. Gratitude and amazement were together kindled. Even as Messiah looked out the window a crowd was gathering. They had brought their sick and were waiting for the sun to go down on the Sabbath so that Messiah could heal. As the hour approached the physician could not resist the cries of the suffering. He laid his hands on them to provide healing. Compassion and power had come together to give Messiah a disturbing problem. He retreated into a desert place for prayer and meditation. He knew that many more would come in the morning for the healing hand. There would be so many that he would be prevented from continuing his mission.
Messiah must reveal God’s compassion for the suffering. He who comes to save, he who comes to instruct and enlighten the mind, he who comes to build the character and personality is also concerned about the diseases which attack the body. In his work men must see his concern for the afflicted, they must see that he is disturbed by the sight of the sick, that he is moved with compassion. This would inspire his followers not to neglect this important area of the kingdom’s work. Teachers would be sent but also physicians.
When morning came and they found him, urging him to stay on Messiah was again in the wilderness experience. It was difficult to say no, but he must go on to other cities

Teen Parenting


It is not difficult to understand how Stressful Experiences affect both the parent and the teenager. Parents need ot keep themselves emotionally fit to deal with this. The stress prepares a person for "fight or flight" to deal with emergencies. Two hormones are released from the adrenal gland. Adrenaline which activates the nervous system at a high level for quick reactions. Noradrenaline activates the anger system to use the muscles and the mouth for fighting. You can readily see the results when both parent and teenager have been stressed. Also both blood sugar and blood cholesterol are elevated to provide energy for the fight. Regular exercise uses the provided energy and brings the release of the adrenaline and noradrenaline. Also to hasten the removal of the extra ingredients in the blood stream vitamin C and vitamin B complex are needed on a regular basis. You can buy stress vitamins over the counter or you can provide them in your food. Vitamin C is found in fruits and vegetables. Vitamin B complex is found in whole grain cereals and especially in sunflower seed. Exercise regularly and consume the needed vitamins to keep you emotionally fit and relaxed. You can prevent worry and excessive outbursts. You can keep your cool.

The Parents' Basic Role

The major goal of parents with teenagers is keeping a strong, warm relationship. Their youngsters are having enough stress from other sources. Parents should strive to keep the stress level down in the area over which they have the most influence. They need to discuss problems and issues in a sensible, emotion free atmosphere. Parents need to be a friend even in the most difficult type of trouble their teenager encounters. You can readily understand how difficult this role is going to be. You can also understand how important it is for the progress and growth during the teen years. In trying to fulfill the parental role there will be stressful times. You will not feel appreciated. You will receive criticism and verbal abuse from those you love. That is why the stress control principles are so important.
The major goal of parents with teenagers is keeping a strong, warm relationship. Their youngsters are having enough stress from other sources. Parents should strive to keep the stress level down in the area over which they have the most influence. They need to discuss problems and issues in a sensible, emotion free atmosphere. Parents need to be a friend even in the most difficult type of trouble their teenager encounters. You can readily understand how difficult this role is going to be. You can also understand how important it is for the progress and growth during the teen years. In trying to fulfill the parental role there will be stressful times. You will not feel appreciated. You will receive criticism and verbal abuse from those you love. That is why the stress control procedures described in the last chapter are so important.

Growth Problems

Beginning in the early teen years youngsters began a rapid growth period. This causes an embarrassing increase in appetite and bad table manners. Skin blemishes develop due to inability of the body to remove all the waste products fast enough. Disproportionate body parts also make the adolescent unattractive in looks. Parents would do well not to comment too often on these problems which bother their growing child. An occasional discussion about the growth process may help to relieve some of their worry. Time indeed will overcome these temporary problems.

Early Maturers and Late Maturers

Another problem arises for those who do not mature at the same time as their age mates. Early maturers stand out conspicuously from their friends. Late maturers probably suffer more emotionally for they look like a school age child and talk like one as well. They feel the blows of peer jokes. Some girls begin their growth as early as 10 and as late as 15 with the majority between these extremes. Some boys begin as early as 12 and as late as 17. You can be certain that your early and late maturers are suffering from negative comments from their peers. A few positive explanations and appropriate hugs may help relieve some of the emerging stress for them. If possible, parents can open some doors in other areas where they may find some needed positives.
The early maturing Girl begins her growth spurt around ten years old. She is still in Elementary School and stands out among her peers. Whether she is rejected or not, she will find few of her own age with similar interests. Older girls are not usually available for friendship in their school environment. When parents become aware of this problem, they will seek to work out opportunities for their daughters to find positives in other areas: dancing classes, sports outlets, gymnastics, swimming, skating, art, music. Here they will also make friendships with older girls.

When the early maturing girl reaches 13, her female characteristics make her appear to be 16 or older. This naturally brings attention from boys who are older. Most boys her own age have just begun their pubescent growth. She will receive the opportunity for dating. She will want to go out and will talk to her parents about this. Being dictatorial and rigid will only raise the daughter's stress level. Using reason and discussion may influence her to wait until she is older. Compromises are possible permitting her to go out in groups. Let her know that you are giving guidance and help, but she is making the final decisions. When she is happy, enjoying school life with many activities, and relates to friends, the parent will have less worry.

If the parents promote stress by blocking her normal interests in boys, the daughter is much more likely to turn to dating to get her positives. Her experiences will be secret, she will not likely go to the places where the teens gather. Love making will be more paramount than social development. Because of her stress she will be more susceptible to smoking, alcohol and drugs. If is much better for their daughter that the dating be approved and guided. It can develop in a more open manner and proceed in the direction similar to the average maturing teenagers.

The parent wants to make a real effort to keep the other areas of their daughters life as satisfying as possible. She is having considerable stress in her adjustment anyway. Giving her more aggravates her problem. Avoid arguments and confrontations. Promote discussions and friendly exchanges. Control the negatives and accent the positives as often as you can. Keep the relationship strong, love her, stand with her in an understanding way, and help her in every way you can. This is an exceedingly delicate matter which parents must handle with extreme care. The early maturing girl, although she seems by age to be young, has the capacity for reasoning and should be approached accordingly.


Coinciding with the physical growth the mind of the adolescent is growing as well. The early maturer will demonstrate this early while the late maturer will be delayed. Mental growth also leads them to want to make more of their own decisions and resent parental control and interference with their lives. Parents should realize that their authority and supervision must take a different direction. Granting complete freedom is disastrous but too much control causes deceit and rebellion. The middle of the road position says that decisions are made through discussions. Parent and teenager work this out together. Parent does not dictate, teen does not proceed without first consulting the parent. The parent does not want to become a block and a barrier which brings serious stress to their growing youngster.

The parent realizes that mental processes are active in their teenagers. Time needs to be taken for one to one discussions. Normally the opposite sex parent has more influence but both parents need to have regular talks. Listen attentively to your adolescents point of view and encourage input. Keep the line of communication active. Give your teenager the feeling of your friendship. You are not there to dictate the answers. You want to understand how they feel and how they look at the situation. Listen for areas of agreement and evidence of good thinking. Make positive comments. On the other hand restrain negative feelings and arguments which degrade the teens thinking. When the parent feels strong emotion emerging from either side it is time to postpone the discussion. End the interaction in a positive way to avoid offending the youthful thinker. If you should lose your patience, be sure to apologize for the display of anger. This keeps the parents stress level down and restores the strained relationship.

As a parent you cannot always win because this reflects on the teen. Try to sense those occasions when you cannot win agreements. Think about compromise which gives you some of what you want. You need always to let your teenager feel that you are seriously considering his feelings and his thoughts. Avoid quick decisions and ready answers. This proves to your adolescent that you are thinking about it yourself in a very serious way. When you express your disagreement, it will have more weight. Dealing with the adolescent decision making process is a critical matter for the parent. If handled properly there is assurance that the thoughts of the parent will also be considered.


Peers influence adolescent thinking. They receive much input from their friends of both sexes. In the area of social relationships peer influence is quite strong. Adolescents also receive degrading and criticism when they do not agree with the group. More than this sanctions are applied in the form of name-calling and being a temporary outcast. Try to devise some kind of project, so that you can get some help from the teenage group. This gives you an opportunity to get to know them. Your goal is to keep positive relationships with the members of the group. Be especially nice to them by offering snacks. In all of these activities you want to stay in the background and listen to the conversations. Give them as much freedom as possible.



Pressure is often quite strong. Parents are well aware that their teenager will face serious decisions to make in the area of drinking, smoking, using drugs, engaging in premarital sex and staying out late at night. With the advent of AIDS the concern of parents is elevated. What can parents do to reduce experimentation in some of these dangerous areas of teen life?

Every effort should be made to maintain a good relationship with the teenager. Keeping a positive relationship and keeping the stress level down go a long way in reducing the influence of peers. Negative feelings from parents increase the tendency to go along with peers. Positive feelings keep emotions down and open the door for more serious thinking.

A second approach is through the school and church. Support efforts to get the message before groups of adolescents by professionals. The physician, the psychologist, the social worker and the minister need the opportunity to present important information in the critical areas of alcohol, drugs and sex. It is better for these discussions to come from these professionals than directly from parents. Keep these issues before them in this way permitting questions and answers, give and take.

Get to Know Your Teenagers Friends

It is important for parents to know the social companions of their teenagers. These are the ones who will influence their thinking. Learn about this in general conversation not in probing questions. Try to meet them in brief interactions. You can also have a friendly chat while your son or daughter is coming to the phone. Keep up with the teen activities, especially sports and social events so you can keep conversations going.


Numerous problems will arise in the teenagers life in school and social relationships. There are ways that you will know when stress is building up in your teenager. Irritability will increase, there will be less friendly social interaction, they will be detached with a far away look in their eyes, appetite may decrease, their eyes will look glassy and watery, grades will go down. When these behaviors become apparent, the parent should try to initiate a discussion: "I believe something is bothering you." The parent cannot probe or be a detective but must wait for the teenager to make the move. You have indicated your concern and your willingness to be of help. Parents need to be patient and understanding during these times of stress build-up. Be a friend who listens and withholds critical judgments. Restrain the negatives and keep the positives flowing.

Tread Lightly on Areas of Disagreement

Your goal is to influence your teenagers thinking and to lead them into a better understanding of the issue. You plant your ideas and let it go at that. A parent cannot control the adolescents decisions. He must act as a counselor. The relationship must be kept intact. The stress level must be kept down

SCHOOL COURSES BECOME MORE DIFFICULT As the teenager moves on in high school the courses become more difficult and more time for study. Parents become quite disturbed when academic effort declines. It is important to show concern but not in a negative and degrading way. Keep the goals before them, encourage them, express your hopes for them, and your belief in them. Let the questions and discussions come from the teenager. A teenage girl complained to her friend: "my mother has six eyes, four noses and a big mouth." She felt watched and bossed. She resented being treated like this. This feeling was detrimental to get her engaged in schoolwork. As in other areas the parent maintains the usual role of counselor and friend.


If the teenagers get into serious trouble, they need their parents even more. Premarital pregnancy needs special love and support. The health of the daughter is at stake. Stress also endangers the developing fetus as well. Be at her side as she faces the critical decisions before her. Keep the negatives down and provide all the assistance you can offer.

Drug and alcohol problems also need parental love and patience. Professional help is needed. The problem is too great for parents to handle by themselves.

Automobile accidents and run ins with the law are also serious problems for parents to contend with. These are growing experiences. Most adolescents do not repeat these mistakes.


The teen years providing lasting experiences of growth. Maturity is a slow but sure process. Knowledge is acquired, wisdom is gained, personality and character are molded. Your child emerges as an adult taking his place in a chosen career and becoming a creative participant in society. Parents will be pleased and proud. TEENS ARE LIKE EXPLORERS They are traveling in the unknown ways of life.They are trying to find their way and reach their goal.They are prepared with family values to light their journey. Some trails so inviting and appealing bring pain rather than joy. Some trails are rocky making travel slow and uncomfortable. The explorer listens cautiously to those on the same road.Suspicion arises for those who know all the right trails.They have more confidence in their own personal experiences.They must find their own way. No one can do this for them.They like to tell their story to an understanding ear.They like to ask questions of a friendly guide.They do make mistakes and follow the wrong trails.Sometimes they need to be picked up and beckoned on.They also see beauty and find joy along traveled paths.The explorer needs a companion for the whole journey.A Companion makes the travel easier and the destination surer, is there in both foul weather and fair. listens much and talks less. uses criticism mildly and infrequently. understands how much downgrading hurts. praises every forward step. has an open ear to two way discussion. has good tongue control when emotion rises. knows that the explorer will find the way. knows that the Teen will reach the goal.

The Servant Messiah - 4

The Struggle In The Wilderness - Luke 4:1-15
Messiah is to be the servant to reveal to the world the fullness and completeness of the love of God. As He pondered this momentous role by himself in the wilderness, temptations came from Satan. Messiah knew the hopes of the people. He knew their yearnings and their expectations. The tempter could move in and give Messiah a serious struggle.
The compassion of the Messiah could see the hungry faces, the crying children, maimed infants, misery and disease. He could turn stones into bread and eliminate poverty. Dishonesty in the marketplace, exploitation in wages and prices, riots, and bloodshed would terminate. Messiah must hold fast to His mission. He would bring a new order and new kingdom which would eventually reduce the struggle for bread. He would give new attitudes, new values, new principles of life. "Man does not live by bread alone."
Messiah beheld the kingdoms of this world: capitol cities, palaces, armies, battles, victories. The expectant people were looking for a military leader like David. The oppressors would be subdued, the evildoers would be eliminated A Messianic ruler would keep peace, promote justice, and the keep the progress of evil at a standstill. The Servant Messiah would indeed rule but not over man but in their hearts and minds. He would give man a revelation of the fullness of God’s compassion.
Messiah beheld the expectant eyes of the people as they gathered in the temple square. They were looking for dramatic power. They wanted something unusual and earthshaking, something they would never forget. The Servant Messiah had something far more lasting and far more valuable to give them,. "We beheld His glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.: (John 1:14)
The struggle was over in the wilderness and angels came and ministered to Messiah. Man would have a new attitude toward the struggle for bread, a different feeling about military might, a new appreciation for that which is really dramatic and lasting.

The Servant Messiah - 3

Messianic Prophecies - Luke 3: 23-26
Luke stops a moment to contemplate the meaning of the voice of God at the Baptism proclaiming the Servant Messiah. He realizes that this is the culmination of many historical events. One genealogy traces the ancestry of Jesus back to David. The writer can hear the promise of God to the aging king. "When thy days are fulfilled and thou shall sleep with thy father, I will set up thy seed after thee. I will build a house for my name and establish the throne of his kingdom forever." ( II Samuel 23; 6-8) This appeared to be about Solomon, but when this kingdom was destroyed, the promise was transferred to a distant descendant of David. In speaking to His people this promise is confirmed: "for unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given. And the government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, The Mighty God, the Everlasting Father , the Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9;6,7) And again Isaiah refers to the Davidic promise " An there shall come forth a shoot out of the stock of Jesse, and Branch out of his roots shall bear fruit. And the spirit of God shall be upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might." (Isaiah 11:1,2) Indeed, Messiah was born as a descendant of David.
The author pauses momentarily as he looks at another geneaology going back to Abraham, the father of the nation and the recipient of the covenant promise. " Behold I will make of you a great nation, and through you all the families of the earth shall be blessed." Genesis 17:4-7. He visualizes the plan of God.
The author cannot stop here. He must go all the back to Adam made in the image of God, endowed with special abilities, and a special place at the top of the creation. This same Adam loves the fruit of the tree of evil and destroys his happiness and mars the beauty of the God given Garden.. The significance unfolds from the plight of Adam, to the covenant promise to Abraham, to the building of the great nation under David with the promised Messiah to the fulfillment when the heavens opened and the voice of God proclaimed:"This is my beloved Son, in whom my soul delights."

The Servant Messiah - 2

An Expectant People - Luke 3:2

Annas and Caiiphas were high priests in Jerusalem to preside over the worship of God’s chosen people. Messiah was coming to a people expecting his advent. The Messiah had been promised to their great king, David. The prophets had continually reminded of this promise. They had described how and where he was to come. They described in broad outline his mission of peace and order.
Since the destruction of the political kingdom, they had been an oppressed people. First they were exiles in the foreign land of Babylon. When they returned to their homeland they were inspired and as radiant as when the nation was rescued from bondage of Egypt. Although they were not free, they were part of an enlightened Persian Empire which granted them many privileges. Although they were not a political entity, they were a spiritual servant of God to live by the commandments and spread the faith to others.
When Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire, they once again became a suffering people. As the Greek Empire was falling apart, the people of God suffer their most devastating persecution when the oppressor sought to stamp out their religion. Many fled to the hills, many stayed and died in the street. Others left the homeland and took up residence in other parts of the empire. Some remained and formed a military rebellion which one a short period of freedom before the Romans came.
They disagreed on the manner of Messiah’s advent. The Scribes and Pharisees emphasized righteousness by rigid adherence to the law of Moses. They felt that Messiah would come when God’s people truly honored and obeyed the law of Moses. They expected a dramatic intervention to overthrow the oppressor. Other believers (Essenes built monasteries where they studied and copied the Scriptures looking for signs to kindle their hope. A smaller more violent group called Zealots stirred rebellion believing that Messiah would come and support their cause.
The people were looking for Messiah to come.

The Servant Messiah - 1

A World Made Ready -Luke 3:1

In the 15th year of Tiberiius Caesar, Emperor of Rome, an earth shaking event was about to take place. It was no accident that this period of the world’s history was chosen for this event. A vast empire had been erected to collect many of the world’s people under one united government. From England on the west on to Spain, France and southern Germany on to Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Yugoslavia, Greece to the Black Sea. Then Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and all the countries of the middle East Egypt, Lybia, Morroco, Algeria on to the great Sahara Desert. Messiah could come into a little province of Galilee and his revelation could spread unimpeded by national boundaries from Persia on the east to England on the west.
There would be a common language, Greek, through which people of many backgrounds could communicate with each other. The Old Testament Scriptures foretelling the coming of the Messiah had been translated into Greek. The four gospels telling of Messiah’s coming and presenting his teachings were written in Greek. At the foot of the cross there were three languages - Latin, Hebrew, and Greek.
There would be efficient means of travel. In the heart of the empire was the Mediterranian Sea which afford travel to many ports. The inland area was connected by well built roads of rock and stone to withstand the weather. Speeding chariots, commercial wagons, and mounted legions of soldiers could move rapidly from one city to another. Those who received Messiah’s message could move with ease along this linked network spreading the "good news".
There would be a long period of enforced peace. Little rebellions were quickly put down by swift Roman legions stationed in every strategic part of the vast domain. The Pax Romana would afford a full century without major wars to interrupt the march of Messiah’s message of salvation.
The world indeed was made ready for this event.

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Switzerland Picture

Dr. James F. Hubbard visits Murren, Switzerland.