Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Servant Messiah - 6

The First Disciples - Luke 5:1-10
Messiah knew that he needed disciples close to him who would be eyewitnesses from the very beginning of his mission. They could, see, hear, and learn as he spread the good news. They would have to be with him constantly and such a commitment would not be easy to find. This group must be developed spiritually and such development could not take place by word alone. A profound interaction of personality would be necessary for this gradual transformation. There must be close and regular exchange of views. There must be a deep abiding friendship and admiration. Such an intimate relationship could only be formed in a small group situation where all could participate and contribute.
Messiah would not issue an invitation to all but he would choose a few. He walked by the Sea of Galilee with this in his mind. His eye caught a fishing boat. One of the toilers he had met in the synagogue of Capernaum, accompanyong him home to heal his mother in law. This young married man was a likely prospect and with him his younger brother Andrew. There were two other young men working with their father, James and John. They were practical men of everyday affairs of the world, educated in their understanding of people. They were young men of energy and enthusiasm. They were young men not set in their habits of action and mind. They were dreamers of idealism filled with desire for adventure. They were already close associates who knew each other well.
There was yet a problem. How could these men be influenced to leave their successful livelihood and follow one who was yet unproven. Had not other Messiahs come and gone and left the people destitute and empty? Messiah needed a special unforgettable event. "Cast your nets out into the deep." When the nets were loaded with fish, the four were astounded beyond measure. They were overwhelmed and felt themselves in the presence of deity. "Come and follow me and I will make you fishers of men."
The first disciples were enlisted not from Jerusalem with priests, not from synagogues with scribes, not from the monasteries for Essenes, but Messiah had chosen practical men of the world.


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