Friday, September 01, 2006

The Servant Messiah 22

The New Covenant Announced Luke 22: 7-30
The Twelve needed to be prepared for the most significant revelation of God’s mercy and grace. They needed to see the events that were about transpire not as tragedy but as the crowning event of God’s Messianic plan. This was indeed the establishment of the New Covenant described the prophecy of Jeremiah 31: 31-34.
The Twelve were gathered for the sacred meal together. It was held in the Upper Room of one of Messiah’s followers. In order to emphasize the significance of servantness in the New Kingdom, Meaaiah took a towel and basin to wash the disciples feet. Thie host usually invited a servant to do this for him. This time the host wants to perform it himself.. He went around one by one to wash their feet. One of them resisted but was finally persuaded ".Even as the Father has sent me so I send you" Theirs was to be a servant role. In a spiritual sense they must wash each other’s feet.
After this solemn ritual they enjoyed a friendship supper to strengthen their bond as a group. After the meal a serious moment came."One of you shall betray me." One of the Twelve had indeed given up on the Master as the promised Messiah. He had bargained to identify at night to the religous leaders. After he left there was another prediction. "They will strike the shepherd and the sheep will flee." They were being prepared for the most critical event. Even the strongest would fail: "Before the cock crows twice you shall deny me thrice." The disciples were confused. Their puzzled faces betrayed their inner feeling. Messiah was to be taken? Messiah was to be struck. They did not understand.
In order to aid their understanding Messiah, took pieces of broken bread: " Take eat this is my body broken for you." They would see that abused and broken body, but there will be a great and noble purpose in this sad event. He then took the cup and passed it to each of them: "This the New Covenant in my blood, drink ye all of it." When you see Messiah suffer and die, when you see the blood flow, the New Convenant of compassion is being written into the hearts of humankind. "Greater love hath no man than this, that he giveth his life for his friends."


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