Friday, September 01, 2006

The Servant Messiah 15

Confirming The Cross Luke 9:28-43
Messiah was disturbed about the way the disciples received the message about the suffering. He recognized that it would be difficult for them to understand. There was a real danger that they might give up their belief and hope. They may indeed not follow him to Jerusalem. The fullness of the revelation must be seen and experienced. They were the chosen ones to receive the treasure from heaven. A critical stage had developed and Messiah needed assistance from the Father.
Messiah took with him three of the leaders in the disciple group Peter, James, and John. They climbed up the ridges of a hig mountain together. The spiritual environment would enhance the prayer experience. The inspiring view of the Sea of Galilee on the one side and the Mediterraniean Sea on the other stirred positive emotions. The villages and towns below gave them the feeling they were on the top of the world. They climbed high up even into the clouds surrounding the peak. The sunshine glistened on the white surfaces enshrouding them both in mystery and beauty.
Messiah went forward to pray. The disciples could not belive their eyes as they saw Messiah lifted up with two other figures with him: Moses and Elijah. The vision alone should be enough to convince them: Moses the receiver of the first covenant, Elijah who saved it, and Messiah who fulfilled it. Then the Father’s voice: "This is my beloved Son, hear ye him." You may be puzzled, you may not understand but believe in him and listen to him.
The transfiguration experience should fortify the faith of the three leaders. If they go stedfastly to Jerusalem, the others will surely follow. Messiah was very relieved. Messiah was grateful to the Father for his decisive help.
When they returned from the mountain top, Messiah was disturbed again by the disciples who remained below. They had lost their faith in their healing power and had failed to heal the epileptic boy. Messiah healed him and gave him back to his father. Messiah reemphasized his message of the cross.


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