Sunday, September 17, 2006

Positive Living 9

Positive Living - Appreciate Individual Differences
Positive living appreciates the variety of individual differences. An effort is made to live with and adapt to characteristics in people which are difficult to accept. There are those who work very slowly and carefully. There are others who work faster and accomplish more in a given period of time. Some learn very rapidly while others need a number of repetitions before they catch on. Some people are very stubborn while others respond to suggestion without a hassle. There are those who like to talk while others are people of very few words. Expecting people to be different and recognize that changing a basic trait is not only difficult but often undesirable. Relating to the special characteristics of a particular person in an understanding way prevents negative feelings from developing. Refraining from making comparisons also makes the acceptance of personal traits more positive. You can be sure that people do compare themselves with others. By words and actions let everyone know that they are valued just as they are. Certain physical characteristics such as: largeness, tallness, and unattractiveness do not give people good feelings about themselves A special effort to be friendly to these people is important because positives are few. Even when we are handicapped by the behavior of other people, we try to accept it in a good natured way. The old saying “variety is the spice of life” is very true in everyday relationships. Without human differences life would become very boring. Caring parents appreciate the fact that their children are different in many ways. They let them know that they are not expected to be alike. They want them to be different. They learn early that the stubborn child will be stubborn from now on. They learn ways to try to deal with this trait in a way that avoids head on collisions. Adults are children in a bigger box as far as traits are concerned. Individual differences can be both challenging and interesting. The variety can be enjoyable. Remember that others will have to deal with our traits.
Variety is the spice of life. Appreciate and enjoy individual differences.


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