Friday, September 15, 2006

Positive Living 3

Positive Living - Praise and Appreciation
Everyday people around us do things for us and communicate with us in a friendly way. When a clerk in a store is efficient and friendly, this should be noticed with a smile and words of praise. Using the person’s name adds to the warm feelings. When anyone performs given tasks well, words of appreciation add to good feelings. When positives are dispensed to workmates and family every day relationships are strengthened In time we will be on the lookout for words or actions deserving of comment. Parents would do well to take notice of their children’s good behaviors and accomplishments. Words of praise can come together with affectionate hugs or squeezes. Praise is more effective when dispensed frequently with a few words rather than a long conversation. When used too often, some of its effectiveness is reduced. When a person gives useful ideas or makes humorous comments, we would do well to let them know what this meant to us. Rewarding good work, useful ideas, humorous comments, and other contributions with praise and appreciation keeps a positive atmosphere. Compliments and “thank you’s” kindle a flame of warmth in the home and in the workplace. Good practice provides many short comments spread at intervals over a long period of time rather than lengthy conversations less often. These positive comments provide self-worth feelings, making people feel good about themselves. Workmates do better in the tasks they must perform. There is more motivation to engage in routine, boring tasks. All are happier and more efficient in their tasks. Energy is forthcoming and fatigue does not come as rapidly. In the long run more work is accomplished and fewer mistakes are made. Children are better behaved and cooperate more readily with parental requests. They engage in difficult tasks with more interest and more positive energy.
Take notice of everyone’s effective work, good ideas, and friendly conversation.


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