Sunday, September 17, 2006

Positive Living 11

Positive Living - Forgiving
Most people will experience abusive words directed at them. Often they come with an angry tone and seem to be meant to hurt. Positive living principles urge us to accept the words in an understanding way and forgiving way. When people explode, their emotions have reached the breaking point. Ugly words come from an unhappy person. Emotions are difficult to control. They have unloaded their feelings on an innocent scapegoat. This release gives them temporary relief. Stressful experiences in the lives of all ages bring them to the exploding point. Aggression comes from unhappiness. Nervous tensions have been released. We know that there is an underlying problem in the person’s life. We know that the person does not need more negatives to contend with. They need friendship and not attack. Abusive words alert a caring spirit to find a time for a very personal talk. Problems need to be discussed even if they cannot be solved. Telling some one about the difficulty and the stress they are undergoing provides a positive way to release the emotions that have built up. Knowing that some one else understands gives them an inner feeling of strength to contend with their problem. Caring parents understand that verbal and physical fighting in their children suggest that they are suffering stress in school or with their peers. A talk is needed. An effort is made to find out what is happening to the child. So many problems are a process of growth: A forgiving spirit keeps the relationship strong and leads to personal growth. Forgiveness is the “take” part of the relationship. It is extremely important in positive living. Keeping relationships intact means accepting abusive words of others with understanding. Outbursts indicate inner hurt. Positive living asks a person to understand the feelings and disregard the meaning of the words.Do not accept them in a personal way and make a special effort not to retaliate. This principle will be needed many times. One Psychologist says the lifetime average is 500.
Foregiveness understands that abusive words come from some unhappy person.


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