Sunday, September 17, 2006

Positive Living 10

Positive Living - Gentle Correcting
In the course of everyday relationships both workmates and members of our immediate family will need to be reminded of their shortcomings. They keep doing things that are both disgusting and slow the progress of the required work. Some mistakes are so costly it takes hours to recover. Sometimes it is due to carelessness which can be overcome. At other times it is a matter of teaching new skills. Whatever the problem it is a difficult task because it targets one’s self-esteem. It is easy to make a person nervous and make matters worse. Improvement is the goal which requires a gentle and understanding approach. The tone is friendly and the words are slow, filled with positive emotion and two way exchanges. The discussion points out other commendable behaviors and shows appreciation for all work well done. The person is given an opportunity to explain, for there are often good reasons for mistakes. Directions may have not been given properly. Forgetting is very real. Listen attentively even to excuses and defenses without criticism or retaliation. Most people are already aware of their shortcomings and already have inner feelings of guilt. Caring gives them a chance to release these feelings. Confession makes a person feel better and more relaxed. Understanding comments and encouragement to do better will likely bring improvement. Correcting sessions are kept short, for bearing negatives is a difficult experience. Caring parents correct their children as gently as possible emphasizing growth. Making them feel inadequate is a blow to the self-esteem. When correcting the children parents are always careful in pointing out their good behavior and show appreciation for it. This makes it possible for the negative to be received without emotional damage. Parents are patient knowing that mistakes will continue. When any measure of accomplishment takes place praise and commendation is quick and sincere. Relationship conscious people use positive approaches when correcting people for their mistakes and unacceptable behavior.
Correcting people gently prevents self-esteem damage and promotes improvement.


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