Saturday, September 16, 2006

Positive Living 6

Positive Living - Remembering Special Days
Positive feelings can be multiplied by being attentive to people when they are celebrating a special day in their lives. It is relatively easy to learn people’s birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events in their lives. Keeping written records helps to remind us. Special days in everyone’s life are times to generate many positives. Warm words, telephone conversations, cards, and even thoughtful gifts increase the joy of the celebration and the flow of positive emotions. Brief ceremonies involving a group of people are very beneficial, but private, personal words have even a deeper impact. With all relationships the positive feelings that come from the celebration of special days are a source of happiness which should not be missed. The sad feelings that accompany unhappy experiences can be reduced when a friend is aware of what they are going through. When people are ill or have loved ones in the hospital, warm words bring real healing. People experiencing marital problems reveal their unhappiness by the expression on their faces. Friendly words help even though there is not much that outsiders can contribute. When people lose loved ones, the hurt continues for months. Words from friends which simply say: “I know what you are going through” bring positives to offset the negatives. People miss their loved ones so much around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other special family occasions. It is easy to know how they feel on these occasions. The anniversary of the loss rekindles all of the initial feelings. Empathy nourishes positive bonds.Personal words have the greatest value because there can be smiles, hugs, and expressed feelings. Phone calls have a similar impact but carefully selected cards carry a meaningful message. In this day of the Internet e-mails can cover great distances.
Positive Living makes an effort to remember both glad and sad days.


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