Friday, September 15, 2006

Positive Living 4

Positive Living - Be A Good Listener
When conversing with other people in the workplace or in family relationships, positive living asks us to try to be good listeners. Efforts are made to make every interaction as two way as possible. Friendly questions are asked to open the door for others to talk. This permits them to relive their happy experiences and successes which adds to their positive feelings. The expression is kept friendly and attentive by looking eye to eye. Occasional comments are made to show interest and understanding. It is very important to be very attentive to people who are somewhat quiet and do not talk frequently on their own. Senior citizens need an opportunity to talk about their past experiences because the present is not always pleasant. Even grumpy people need a sympathetic ear as they unload their unpleasant feelings. Releasing inner nervous tensions in conversation is important to restoring positive feelings. People who have experienced sadness feel much better after they have talked to some one about how they feel. Caring Parents set aside regular “talk times” with their children so they can relate their positive experiences at school. Listening to children’s unhappiness is very important to their mental health. Some problems must be faced but knowing that some one cares makes it easier. Everyone needs to express their joy to a friendly ear. For children and adults as well conversations are made private and personal to prevent interference and increase the value in a one to one situation. Talk can be terminated with a friendly remark. It can even be continued at a later time. Break time lends itself to friendly social interaction. Both the talker and the listener receive benefits. The roles are often reversed as the listener becomes the talker. These positive feelings keep a person in a good mood and help overcome unhappy experiences. It gives a positive atmosphere at work and home. Listening is an art worth cultivating for building good friendships.
Providing an ear and a heart to others promotes positive emotions.


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